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Our Story

Naples is the wild child of Italy, its citizens; food hedonists.

The area known as the “Spanish Quarter” is steeped in history, symbolised by narrow, chaotic streets, laundry strung between balconies and high petty crime rates. The area is also known as the “Bronx”. The Bronx has many casual eateries; Pizzeria and friggittoria (fry shops). The best Pizzas await those who are a little adventurous.

Southern Italians are deeply religious and superstitious people. Religious iconography has always been a powerful and beautiful art form, none more than “La Madonna”. The Spanish quarter is cluttered with saint cards and tiny shrines. Our Madonna icon by an artist known as the ‘Banksy of Naples’, appears frequently in this area. Similarly, the “Bronx Napoli 1999” graffiti, many believe, was a demarcation between areas controlled by rival Camorra (mafia) factions (note the gun in the Madonna’s halo), while others say it is the tag of an ultra-football supporters group formed in 1999.


Naples is the wild child of Italy and BRONX NAPOLI is ready to create its team.

We are recruiting experienced:

  • Chefs
  • Pizza makers
  • Front of House
  • Floor Staff
  • Kitchen hands